2015 is Clinton’s 10th year of his illustrious career as a professional photographer. Although he does not give credence to awards it is worth mentioning that he has won Media 24 photographer of the year, numerous story and cover of the year accolades and is a Canon brand ambassador. Photography of the South African celebrity landscape would lack polish without his point of view.


Born in 1972 he grew up around photography, seemingly developing his compositional eye from a young age. Having grown up around photography he never considered a formal education in the field.After school, the army and an attempt to become scholarly he had still not found his passion. While photography was always within the scope of his work, it was not a focus until in his 30’s. Clinton’s meticulous attention to detail and obvious enjoyment of his subjects deliver personality and story in abundance making him one of South Africa’s most celebrated portraitists.


Clinton has over the course of his photographic career digressed into film, producing more than 30 music video’s, a full feature film and was DOP for two seasons of an award winning TV series. Although he has a clear interest and ability with moving pictures, his heart lies with the inimitable emotion of a single moment captured.


To date he has focused solely on the South African entertainment industry. Actors, actresses, musicians and entertainers have accounted for the majority of his unmistakably well polished body of work. With the intent of exporting his talents to a European stage the second half of 2015 brought about a shift in style with fine art, abstract expressionism, fashion and nudes finally enjoying some deserved attention.